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we are professional designer and manufacturer of high qualitypaper straws machinery; Provide turnkey solution for paper straws produce, including printing machine, slitting machine, packing machine and accessories; We also offer processing technical support and technical training.


  • Color printing machine is a "non-contact with the object" inkjet printing high-tech digital printing equipment, so it can not be limited by any material, can be in wood, glass, crystal, metal plate, floor tile, porcelain, CD-ROM, acrylic, plexiglass, EVA. KT board, leather, silica gel, plastic, PP, PE, PVC, cloth, stickers, stone and other surface for color photo-level printing.



  • Flexo printing presses the flow of strong fluid ink, ink from the Fountain roller and anilox transfer rollers to the graphic part of the printing plate and make it inking, and then by the pressure roller to press pressure, the printing plate on the ink transfer to the substrate, finally through the drying surface to complete the printing process.



  • Straw machine refers to the rural corn stalk, wheat straw, cotton stem, straw, rice husk, peanut shell, corn core, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops, solid waste (edible fungi slag, liquor residue, furfural slag, etc.) as raw materials, after crushing pressure, densification molding, the production of "Straw coal" machine.



  • The molding machine is also known as the Open box machine is the automatic completion of the box, forming, lower bottom folding leaf folding. And now complete the next part of the tape paste, will be folded into cardboard box board open, the bottom of the box according to a certain procedure, and sealed with the tape to the packing machine special equipment.



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